International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling University of Macedonia

19th International Conference on
Automated Planning and Scheduling

September 19-23, 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece

Scheduling and Planning Applications woRKshop


Final schedule of the workshop


Session Estimated schedule Official schedule Paper TYPE Duration
KEYNOTE 9:00:00   Scheduling in the Real World: Lessons Learnt
van der Krogt, Little, Simonis
KEYNOTE 0:45:00
Emerging applications 9:45:00   A Constraint-Based Approach for Plan Management in Intelligent Environments
Pecora, Cirillo
SHORT 0:10:00
9:55:00   Integrated maintenance scheduling for semiconductor manufacturing
SHORT 0:10:00
10:05:00   Planning & Scheduling of Crude Oil Distribution in a Petroleum Plant
Vaquero, Sette, Silva, Beck
SHORT 0:10:00
10:15:00   Session commentaries and discussion   0:15:00
  10:30:00 10:30:00 COFFEE BREAK    
Novel domains
for planning and
11:00:00   Flight Trajectory Path Planning
Sislak, Volf, Pechoucek
FULL 0:22:00
11:22:00   Recovering Plans from the Web
Addis, Armano, Borrajo
FULL 0:22:00
11:44:00   Planning as Heuristic Search for Incremental Fault Diagnosis and Repair
Warnquist, Kvarnstrom, Doherty
FULL 0:22:00
12:06:00   Distributed Intelligence System for Online Action-Taking in non Anticipated Situations in Nuclear Power Plants
Alamaniotis, Gao, Tsoulakas
SHORT 0:10:00
12:16:00   Session commentaries and discussion   0:15:00
  12:31:00 12:30:00 LUNCH    
Deployed applications 14:00:00   Mission Planning in a Dynamic Ocean Sensorweb
Thompson, Chien, Arrot, Balasuriya, Meisinger, Petillo, Schofield
FULL 0:22:00
14:22:00   Solving Clustered Oversubscription Problems for Planning e-Courses
Fernandez, Borrajo
FULL 0:22:00
14:44:00   Planning@SAP: An Application in Business Process Management
Hofmman, Weber, Kraft
FULL 0:22:00
15:06:00   Session commentaries and discussion   0:15:00
  15:21:00 15:30:00 COFFEE BREAK    
Situated Planning
and Scheduling
in Space
16:00:00   Deploying RAXEM2: Planning Improvements in Daily Work Practice
Bernardi, Cesta, Cortellessa
FULL 0:22:00
16:22:00   Evaluating Multi-Objective Evolutionary Scheduling Strategies for the James Webb Space Telescope
Giuliano, Johnston
FULL 0:22:00
16:44:00   Planning Operations of the Earth Observing Satellite EO-1: Representing and reasoning with spacecraft operations constraints
Chien, Tran, Rabideau, Schaffer, Mandl, Frye
SHORT 0:10:00
16:54:00   Request-Driven Scheduling for NASA’s Deep Space Network
Johnston, Tran, Arroyo, Page
SHORT 0:10:00
17:04:00   Session commentaries and discussion   0:10:00
  17:34:00 17:30:00