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Pablo Jose Villacorta Iglesias, PhD
- M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (2009, University of Granada, Spain)
- M.Sc. in Statistics (2012, Hons., University of Granada, Spain)
- Ph.D. in Computer Science and AI (2015, Department of Computer Science and AI, Univ. of Granada, Spain)
- Currently working as a Data Scientist at Stratio Big Data (Madrid, Spain).
- Member of the Models of Decision and Optimization Research Group (MODO)
- Accredited as Assistant Professor (Prof. Contratado Doctor) by ANECA (Spanish National Agency of Assessment, Quality and Accreditation)
- Databricks Certified Developer - Apache Spark 2.x for Scala (2018)

Research interests:
Adversarial reasoning and decision making
Decision strategies in the presence of adversaries
Game theory
Models for autonomous robotic patrolling
Technological forecasting: Scenario planning methodologies
Big Data Science and Big data architectures with Apache Spark

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