RNPST will last one year and the activities for which it will provide aid are the following ones:

REN. National Meetings. As Workshops or adjacent courses and events in the area of the network. RNPST propose a meeting a year, the first one placed next to IBERAMIA 2002 (November 2002, Seville) and another one next to CAEPIA 2003 (November 2003, San Sebastián)

SEM. Teaching seminaries, for celebrating in the place of each member during the period of the network.

TRA. Transference courses. One or two during the period of RNPST. Technical sessions in SIMO (Madrid) or BIT could be organized (Barcelona). And/Or organize an Information Day of PLANET.

REE. Participation in international meetings. It will be valued very positively that these meetings jointly hold with European networks of excellence or other initiatives of international character that could be relevant for RNPST.

FJI. Formation activities for young researchers like summer schools. One could be a National Summer School and the other one an International Summer School like the PLANET's Summer School.

DIF. Diffusion of the network?s activity through the Web, list of distribution and elaboration of electronic newsletter.

The chronology of these activities during the period of use of the network would be the following one (including a possible prorogation to the year of duration).



RNPST's Activities



International meetings

(European Networks)











* Website

* Mailing list


Sept 2002




PLANET Summer School




Oct 2002








Nov 2002

Day 12

Iberamia 2002, Sevilla. Workshop RNPST





I Roadmap de Grupos de Investigación en España 


Dec 2002








Jan 2003








Feb 2003


Day 4

I Jornadas sobre Planificación, Scheduling y Razonamiento Temporal. Universidad de Murcia






Mar 2003








Apr 2003








May 2003


Days 28,29,30

II Barcelona AI Problem Solving Seminar. Universidad Pompeu i Fabra 


Day 30

II Barcelona AI Problem Solving Seminar - Doctoral Session. Universidad Pompeu i Fabra 




Jun 2003




Days 26-20

PLANET International Summer School.

 Trento (Italia)




Jul 2003              
Aug 2003              
Sep 2003              
Oct 2003        

Day 24

1st. Spanish Industrial Day.

 Ikerlan (Bilbao)

Dynamic Spanish Research Groups Roadmap

Nov 2003

Day 11

CAEPIA 2003, San Sebastian II Workshop RNPST


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