Resultados preliminares más significativos tras cuatro años de aplicación de la metodología SCRUM en las prácticas de laboratorio

Luis Castillo

Dpt. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

University of Granada

18071 Granada, SPAIN

Accepted at JENUI2017 


Abstract— The use of agile development methodologies such as SCRUM is becoming widely adopted at professional levels, but also increasingly adopted as an academic subject within computer science degrees, mainly in team-based laboratory practices. This work presents a study based on data gathered over the last four academic years and it proves several facts that might be relevant for teachers. On one hand, teams of students carry out a good temporal planning of their projects, regardless they are small or large teams. And, on the other hand, there exist a strong correlation between a good temporal planning and a high grade obtained by team of students. This work also provides the necessary statistical evidences to support those facts.[1].

Metodologías de desarrollo ágil, Prácticas de labo-ratorio, Planificación del tiempo

[1] Partly funded by TIN2015-71618-R (MINECO/FEDER)