Research activity

bulletMobile Robot Navigation
bulletBehavior based navigation
bulletRobotic architectures
bulletTopological and geometric map building
bulletRobot vision
bulletHuman-Robot Interaction
bulletVisual people detection and tracking
bulletInterest detection for the interaction
bulletFuzzy Logic
bulletApproximate Reasoning       
bulletFuzzy Control
bulletFuzzy behaviors for mobile robots
bulletFuzzy models for perception
bulletArtificial Intelligence
bulletAutonomous robots
bulletMulti-Agent Systems
bulletMachine Learning



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PhD. Thesis conducted

Dr. Rafael Muņoz-Salinas. Title: Soft-Computing and Computer Vision Techniques Applied to Autonomous Robot Navigation and Human-Robot Interaction. May 2006.

Rafael Muņoz-Salinas web page: http://decsai.ugr.es/~salinas

Other students

Rui F. Paul Miranda de Oliveira

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