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Professional data

Affiliation: Dept. of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence – ETSI Informática y de Telecomunicación. University of Granada, Spain

Official address: C/ Periodista Daniel Saucedo Aranda s/n, 18071, Granada, Spain

Current position: Associate Professor (Prof. Titular de Universidad)

Contact Information:

Phone: +34 958 241000 (ext 46080) 

E-mail: dpelta @ decsai.ugr.es


  • 2002 PhD Computer Science, Univ. of Granada, Spain
  • 1998 Computer Science Engineering (5 years), National University of La Plata – Faculty of Exact Sciences, Argentine.
  • 1995 Systems Analyst (3 years), National University of La Plata – Faculty of Exact Sciences, Argentine.

Research experience

see Research.


Examination Boards

 I was member of several examination boards, including masters and doctoral dissertation awards, professional professorship evaluation boards, etc

  1. Phd thesis

  • David Kutanguila Mayoya, Soft Computing based models for solving location problems. Univ. of Granada, 2005. Advisor: José L. Verdegay

  • Rocío Romero Zaliz, Recognizing genetic regulation profiles with multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. Univ. of Granada, 2005. Advisor: Igor Zwir – Oscar Cordón

  • Ihosvany Alvarez: Design and implementation of fuzzy controllers for tobacco leafs drying. Univ. of Granada, 2006. Advisor: José L. Verdegay

  • German Terrazas Angulo: Automated Evolutionary Design of Self-Assembly and Self-Organising Systems, University of Nottingham, 2008. Advisors: Graham Kendal, Natalio Krasnogor

  • Xiaolei Wang: Hybrid Nature Inspired Computation Methods for Optimization, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. 2009. Advisor: Seppo Ovaska. I've acted as external examiner

  • Fernando García Alcalde: Fuzzy Technology for Gene Ontology and Transcription Factor Binding Sites, 2010, Advisor: Armando Blanco Morón

  • Mohammad Al-Rifaie: Information Sharing Impact of Stochastic Diffusion Search on Population-Based Algorithms Goldsmiths College, University of London. 2012. Advisors: Mark Bishop, Tim Blackwell

  • Francisco Bonachela Capdevilla: HETEROGENEOUS INFORMATION SOURCES FOR BIOINFORMATICS: INTEGRATION METHODOLOGY, SEARCH ALGORITHMS AND CASE STUDIES, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.2012. Advisor: Prof. dr. P. De Causmaecker

  1. Associate professor position

  •  Position PCD/809, Dept. of Computer Science and AI, September 2008. 

  1. Advanced Diploma Studies (equivalent to a master thesis)

Course 2006 - 2007

  • Juan Carlos Fernandez Caballero
  • Alberto Fernandez Hilario
  • Moisés Gómez Rodriguez
  • M. Esther Gonzalez Revuelta
  • Rafik Lasri
  • Sergio Navarro Moreno
  • Amelia Zafra Gomez

Course 2009 - 2010

  • Manuel Cruz Ramírez
  • Jose Manuel Luna Ariza
  • Ursula Torres Parejo
  • Victor Potenciano
  • Adris Mohamed Abd el Azim

Other scientific activities

  • Co-Founder with Natalio Krasnogor of the Workshop on Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization (Four editions up to now)
  • Member of Programme Committees of several national and international conferences
  • Organizer of several special sessions in distinguished conferences
  • Reviewer for the following journals: Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Bioinformatics, Approximate Reasoning, IEEE-SMC-A, Soft Computing, Applied Soft Computing, etc.

Teaching experience

Full time professor since 2003 in the University of Granada. During these years, I taught a number of different lectures (including theory and practice labs). For example:

  • Computer Programming. 3rd course of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Granada
  • Theory of Algorithms. 2nd course Computer Science Engineering, Univ. of Granada
  • Introduction to Informatics. 1st course on Chemical Engineering degree. Univ. of Granada
  • Bioinformatics. Master on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, Dept. of Computer Science and AI, Univ. of Granada
  • Soft Computing based Metaheuristics. Master on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, Dept. of Computer Science and AI, Univ. of Granada