Tasks assigned to University of Granada


    University of Granada (UoG) is involved in three of the seven tasks that perform Genesys Project, task 3, 4 and 5. Its main works is to development setting and tuning strategies in task 4 which is responsible and leader of.

    In task 3, it will co-develop fuzzy controllers' architecture accordint to tuning strategies (e.g., bell shapes fuzzy sets are more suitable for neural networks based learning). UoG is the main contributor on this aspect.

Task 4: Development of settings and tuning strategies

UoG is leader and responsible of this task.

    The objective in this task will consist in developing and comparing (using rational paremeters) various tuning and setting strategies. Following propositions from task 3, the work in this task will consist in implementing setting and tuning strategies and cpmpare their relevancy. This relevancy will be expressed in the following way:

    UoG will be the main contributor to this task thanks to his long experience in artificial intelligence techniques applied to control.
    CNRS and Amb will assist UoG for providing modelization tools developed in task 2 (CNRS) and prepare task 5, while University of Athens will participate as an interface between task 3 and task 4.

    In task 5, UoG will offer assistance to partner CNRS and Amb for hardware and software optimum design.