Objectives of the project

The aim of the GENESYS project is to develop optimum control strategies for HVAC systems, based on multicriteria analysis and to develop systematic tuning strategies for these controllers. Two main innovations will be implemented:

Partners involved in GENESYS

Technical approach

The project will be performed with seven tasks. Task 1 will consist in selecting the most relevant equipments to work on with regard to energy saving and marketing potential, to control complexity Control parameters will also be selected in this task. Task 2 will consist in developing modelization tools required for developing smart tuning strategies. Task 3 will consist in constructing fuzzy controllers and selecting appropriate smart tuning techniques. These smart tuning strategies will be developed and simulated in task 4. Resulting from these developments hardware and software prototypes will be developed in task 5.
Fuzzy control and smart tuning strategies will then be experimentally tested in task 6. All the results will finally be analysed in the final task. The marketing potential will be particularly studied as well as possible extensions to other equipments and buildings.

Expected achievements

The final outcomes will be: