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Esta página contiene el índice de los Technical Reports del Grupo de Investigación "Tratamiento de la Incertidumbre en Inteligencia Artificial" (UTAI) de la Universidad de Granada. Algunos technical reports tienen hiperlinks al abstract (en HTML). Puedes ver el abstract pinchando en la palabra "abstract".
Algunos technical reports tienen hiperlinks a la versión postcript del trabajo completo. Puedes obtener la versión postcript pinchando en las palabras "full paper".
This page contains the index of Technical Reports of the Research Group "Uncertainty Treatment in Artificial Intelligence" (UTAI) of the University of Granada. Some of them have hiperlinks to the abstracts (in HTML). You can see the abstract by clicking in the word "abstract".
Some technical reports have hiperlinks to the postscript version of the full paper. You can obtain the postcript version by clicking in the words "full paper".
  1. #DECSAI-93-02-xx, A. Cano, J.E. Cano and S. Moral, Simulation algorithms for convex sets of probabilities, (31 pages) , 1993. (abstract) (full paper)
  2. #DECSAI-94214, L.M. de Campos, Independency Relationships in Singly Connected Networks, (29 pages) 1994. (abstract)
  3. #DECSAI-950219, Luis M. de Campos, Juan F. Huete , Efficient Algorithms for Learning Simple Belief Networks (10 pages) July, 1995. (abstract) (full paper)
  4. #DECSAI-95-02-27, Luis M. de Campos, Serafín Moral, Removing partial inconsistency in valuation based systems, (24 pages) September, 1995. (abstract) (full paper)
  5. #DECSAI-95-02-42, Luis D. Hernández, S. Moral , Mixing exact and importance sampling algorithms in dependence graphs, (19 pages) December, 1995. (abstract) (full paper)
  6. #DECSAI-96-02-01, Serafín Moral, Nic Wilson , Importance sampling Monte-Carlo algorithms for the calculation of Dempster-Shafer belief, (18 pages) January, 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  7. #DECSAI-960204, Luis M. de Campos, Independency Relationships and Learning Algorithms for Singly Connected Networks, (30 pages) February, 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  8. #DECSAI-96-02-11, Silvia Acid, Luis M. de Campos, BENEDICT: An Algorithm for Learning Probabilistic Belief Networks, (14 pages) March, 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  9. #DECSAI-96-02-14, Silvia Acid, Luis M. de Campos, An algorithm for finding minimum d-separating sets in belief networks, (22 pages) March, 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  10. #DECSAI-960225, Luis M. de Campos, Characterizations of Decomposable Dependency Models, (10 pages) , 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  11. #DECSAI-960227, Luis M. de Campos, Juan F. Huete, On the Use of Independence Relationships for Learning Simplified Belief Networks, (23 pages) June, 1996. (abstract) (full paper)
  12. #DECSAI-97-02-06, Luis D. Hernández, Serafín Moral and Antonio Salmerón , A Monte-Carlo algorithm for probabilistic propagation in belief networks based on importance sampling and stratified simulation techniques , (31 pages) January, 1997. (abstract) (full paper)
  13. #DECSAI-97-02-07, Serafín Moral and José del Sagrado , Aggregating Imprecise Probabilities (27 pages) February, 1997. (abstract) (full paper)
  14. #DECSAI-97-02-08, Luis D. Hernández, Serafín Moral, Inference with idempotent valuations, (21 pages) February, 1997. (abstract) (full paper)
  15. #DECSAI-970213, de Campos, Luis M. and Huete, Juan F., Algorithms for Learning Decomposable Models and Chordal Graphs, (8 pages) Mayo, 1997. (full paper)
  16. #DECSAI-97-02-31, Peter Walley, Serafín Moral, Upper Probabilities based only in the Likelihood Function, (32 pages) December, 1997. (abstract) (full paper)
  17. #DECSAI-98-02-20, A. Salmerón, A. Cano and S. Moral, Importance Sampling in Bayesian Networks Using Probabilty Trees, (36 pages) June, 1998. (abstract) (full paper)
  18. #DECSAI-98-02-25, Peter Walley, Reconciling Frequentist Properties with the Likelihood Principle, (45 pages) October, 1998. (abstract) (full paper)
  19. #DECSAI-99-02-01, L.M. de Campos, J.A. Gámez, S. Moral, Simplifying explanations in Bayesian belief networks, (10 pages) January, 1999. (abstract) (full paper)
  20. #DECSAI-990212, Luis M. de Campos, Juan F. Huete, Approximating causal orderings for Bayesian networks using genetic algorithms and simulated annealing, (9 pages) May, 1999. (abstract) (full paper)
  21. #DECSAI-00-02-01, Andrés Cano, Serafín Moral and Antonio Salmerón, Penniless Propagation in Join Trees, (32 pages) February, 2000. (abstract) (full paper)
  22. #DECSAI-00-02-02, Luis M. de Campos, Jose A. Gámez and Serafín Moral , Partial Abductive Inference in Bayesian Belief Networks: An Evolutionary Computation Approach by Using Problem Specific Genetic Operators, (34 pages) February, 2000. (abstract) (full paper)
  23. #DECSAI-00-02-14, A. Cano, S. Moral, Using probability trees to compute marginals with imprecise probabilities, (43 pages) May, 2000. (abstract) (full paper)
  24. #DECSAI-00-02-15, A. Cano, S. Moral, A. Salmerón, Lazy Evaluation in Penniless Propagation over Join Trees, (25 pages) July, 2000. (abstract) (full paper)

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