Abstract de nuestro grupo en 1994/UTAI Research Group Abstracts in 1994

Convex Sets of Probabilities Propagation by Simulated Annealing
BY Andrés Cano, José E. Cano and Serafín Moral

Presented in The Fith International Conference IPMU,94. Paris, July 4-8, 1994.(6 pages)

An approximated simulation algorithm is presented for the propagation of convex sets of probabilities. It is assumed that the graph is such that an exact probabilistic propagation is feasible. The algorithm is a simulated annealing procedure, which randomly selects probability distributions among the possible ones, performing at the same time an exact probabilistic propagation. The algorithm can be applied to general directed acyclic graphs and is carried out on a tree of cliques. Some experimental tests are shown.

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