Project Scientific Results

Project title: Defining and searching for visual patterns in digital images using them to solve problems of target distinctness in natural scenes and feature detection in biomedical images

Supported by: DGES (Spain). Project number: PB98-1374

Starting and ending dates: from December 1999 to December 2003

Members of the team: J. Fdez-Valdivia (Head) and J. Chamorro and Xose R. Fdez-Vidal and J. M. Fuertes and J. A. Garcia and A. Garrido

Description: In this research project a novel approach to detection and distinction of objects in 2D digital images is developed. Instead of assuming that perceived objects are simple or statistical structure at a particular scale, we will regard them as visual patterns, distinguished at an object level. We wiil work with visual patterns as features which have the highest degree of congruence in statistical structure across different frequency bands. Under this frame we will analyze if it is possible to design methodologies to solve problems of target distinctness in complex natural images and feature extraction in biomedical images. Our definition of visual pattern will induce new representational models by using a minimal subset of activated recognizers sensitive to significant spatial structures in the scene. Its basic assumptions are to be in agreement with spatial-frequency channels models quite successful for the detection of visual patterns. The performance of the model is to be evaluated in terms of: (i) the increment of the signal-to-noise ratio in the resultant image features, (ii) the degree of decorrelation for perceptual features, (iii) the number of activated filters needed to analyze the visual scene, and (iv) the applicability of the representation for discrimination tasks on different kind of images



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