CICV 2010
WCCI 2010 Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Computer Vision


Nowadays there is a large and growing international community working on the application of Computational Intelligence techniques in Computer Vision. During the last years, many special sessions on this topic have been organized in the most important conferences related to Computational Intelligence. One of the main motivations for this growing interest is the fact, pointed out by many authors, that the techniques offered by Computational Intelligence are very well suited for addressing novel, hot and very interesting topics in the area of Computer Vision.

The Workshop "Computational Intelligence in Computer Vision" (CICV), to be held as part of IEEE WCCI 2010, is the result of the joint effort of a group of researchers in this area, with the following objectives:

  •     To contribute to the integration of the growing community of researchers on Computational Intelligence for Computer Vision, in particular by encouraging participation in this Workshop.
  •     To discuss on the evolution of this area of research, the present state and future prospects.
  •     To talk about the possibilities of transfer of this kind of technology, and the possible contributions we may expect in the areas of business and the benefit of society.
  •     To facilitate contact between researchers wishing to collaborate, and between researchers and companies for technology transfer, encouraging the participation of both communities in the Workshop.
  •     To present some of the latest research findings in the area of Computer Vision based on Computational Intelligence, integrating and coordinating the initiatives of different researchers.

In order to achieve these goals, a wide and exciting program has been organized including conferences by leading experts in the field, both from Universities and Companies, a Round Table about opportunities, challenges, and impact of CICV, and a series of nine thematic special sessions where 52 papers showing the latest research in the field will be presented and discussed. We encourage students, researchers, companies and interested people to attend the Workshop at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), starting on SUNDAY, JULY 18. Registration information (either one-day registration to attend workshops only, or full registration to IEEE WCCI) is available here.

We also offer the possibility to participate via this web with opinions, bibliography, links of interest, publicity, and/or questions for the participants in the round table that will take place during the Workshop. Your contributions and opinions are very welcome!





IEEE WCCI 2010 Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Computer Vision
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